Main Parts


Coding Board

Battery Case


Bluetooth Module


Remote Control Receiving Board

Orange LED

Blue LED

Green Contact sensor

Yellow Contact Sensor

Infrared Sensor

Melody Board



It is a part that acts as the head of the robot, and it is used to connect LEDs, remote control receiving boards, and melody boards.


Model Name : PC0Y-N005

MCU : 8-bit

Operating Voltage : DC 3.3V

I/O Device : DOWN Port : 1 / Control Port : 7 / 3-Color LED : 1

Size / Weight : 75(L) * 50(W) * 25(H) / 52g

Operation Explanation


-Control the robot as a toddler.

-You can connect it with the coding board to select robot movements.

Connect the coding board / firmware / Bluetooth.

Connect connectors such as various sensors and melodyboards.

It displays the operation status of the robot and program selection.

Connecting the Battery Case

1. Connect the D port of the battery case to the port of the CPU. (Excludes DOWN port)

2. If the connection is correct, the LED on the CPU will light up.

Using Built-in Programs

1. Press and hold the contact sensor for more than 3 seconds, and the LED will flash.

2. Short press the contact sensor to change the color of the LED.

3. Press and hold the contact sensor for more than 3 seconds in the desired program color to select the program.

The robot moves in a fun way.

When you press the green contact sensor, the motor slows down,

Press the yellow contact sensor and the motor will spin quickly.

You can control it with a remote control.

When the green contact sensor is pressed, the motor moves counterclockwise,

Press the yellow contact sensor and the motor will rotate clockwise.

Press the green and yellow contact sensors and dance happily.

While pressing the green contact sensor, the motor will move counterclockwise,

The motor rotates clockwise while pressing the yellow contact sensor.

I use it to connect with a coding board to code actions myself.

Programming Coding Blocks

Learn how to write programs and operate robots with coding boards.

What to bring: Completed robot, coding board, coding cable, coding block

1. Connect the coding board and robot with a coding cable. Connect to the down port of the CPU.